Meet Sunflower Provisions

Our Purpose

We’re a farmer and a chef in Lawrence, KS changing how our community eats by delivering the freshest locally-grown seasonal produce, sustainably-raised proteins, and specialty food items to your doorstep.

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Our Products

By providing a centralized source for local and sustainably raised produce, proteins, and groceries we offer our clients access to fresh produce and quality meats year-round.

In return, your dollars are helping support local farmers, ranchers, distributors, bakers, processors, and artisans to keep their businesses up and running during one of the most pressing times of the century.

Our People

The Farmer, Scotty Thellman

Established in 2010 by Scott Thellman, Juniper Hill Farms is a first-generation farm located in the heart of the Kansas River Valley in Douglas County, Kansas. As a highly diversified and quickly growing agricultural operation operated by first-generation young farmers, Juniper Hill Farms is committed to raising high-quality products in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

Scott has a passion for organic and sustainable food systems and has been building a network of grower partners in the regional and national to build a better food system for his community.

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The Chef, Michael Beard

One of the first things Michael Beard learned when he started his cooking career was to “use quality ingredients and let them speak for themselves.” As a chef/restaurateur, he saw firsthand the benefits of using peak season products. For his restaurant, he would go to great lengths to source superior ingredients. Michael advocates using locally-sourced items when they are of better quality. He believes the best proteins come from the Midwest. He saw the potential for supplying other restaurants with local quality meats, so he started Meat LLC, a small Midwest distributor driven by his principles. Meat LLC works directly with chefs to get them what they want rather than the cuts that happen to be available, and they provide farmers with feedback from chefs, so they can raise better animals. These practices result in quality product and great service.

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