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Local Suncrisp Apples 3lb


Local Suncrisp Apples 3lb

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Local fresh picked Suncrisp Apples 3LB

Suncrisp apples are a medium to large varietal, and are larger than a golden delicious with a round to conical appearance, slightly ribbed and tapered towards a flattened base. The apple’s skin is thick, chewy, and taut with a faint sheen, often covered in large patches of brown russet around the stem cavity. The skin also has a yellow-green hue, showcasing patches of dull, red-orange blush with raised, rough, and russeted lenticels giving the surface a textured feel. Underneath the skin, the ivory to white flesh resists browning when sliced and is firm, dense, and crisp. The flesh is also aqueous and coarse, encasing a small central cavity filled with tiny black-brown seeds. Suncrisp apples have high sugar and acidity, creating a sharp, subtly sweet, and tart flavor with floral nuances and notes of pear and honey. As the apple is kept in storage, its taste will mellow, developing a sweeter, mildly tangy complexity with caramel and aniseed undertones.

South Baldwin Farms – Baldwin City, Kansas

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